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VERT started the HORIZON EUROPE AeroSolfd Project - Retrofitting of Gasoline vehicles with GPFs. Link to Press Release N.1.

VERT Report 2019/2020, May 2020

We issued our report about VERT's activities in 2019/2020.  The report is available as a PDF file

DieselNet, July 2020
EU: New Periodic Technical Inspections (NPTI)

Due to the current situation regarding the Corona Virus we would like to draw your attention to this paper:
Isabel Reche et al., Deposition rates of viruses and bacteria above the atmospheric boundary layer,  The ISME Journal, Multidisciplinary Journal of Microbial Ecology, Published on 29th of January 2018

Spirit, February 2020
125 million particle filter with the know-how from Biel (German language version only)
Max Wyser about the achievements of Prof. Jan Czerwinski

Plusminus, ARD, 26.09.2019
Debatte um Feinstaub: Comeback für den Diesel (14:13 min)

Auto Motor Sport, 03.09.2019 (German language version only)
Reinigt der Diesel wirklich die Luft?

VERT, 29.07.2019
Columbia introduces EURO 6/VI 
VERT press release 02-2019

VERT, 26.07.2019
VERT and South Korea: Close cooperation
VERT and the Korea Automobile Environmental Association (KATA) agreed upon an arrangement concerning close cooperation. The contract was signed during the ETH nanoparticle conference in Zurich in June. This means for VERT members that a market entry in South Korea is much easier. It is expected that a huge retrofit program will take place in South Korea.  For further information please see the presentation of Chun-Beam Lee at the VERT Forum in March 2019 (

Emission Control Science and Technology, Ausgabe 3/2019, 15.07.2019
Heinz Burtscher, Thomas Lutz, Andreas Mayer: A New Periodic Technical Inspection for Particle Emissions of Vehicles

DieselNet, 10.07.2019
Conference report: 23nd ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles 
(Full Version PDF)

Dr. h.c. Andreas Mayer, 23.07.2019 
Conference Report:  23nd ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles (PDF)

Video Report (14:28 min)
VERT Forum March 2019 (German version)
VERT Forum March 2019 (English version)

Reuters, 15.03.2019
Engineers Develop Cheap, Simple Test for Car Emissions

VERT, 14.03.2019 (Only German language version available)
Diesel-Abgase: Nach und nach europaweit schärfere Kontrollen
Partikelanzahlmessung startet 2019 in den Niederlanden, in Deutschland ab 2021
VERT-Presseinformation 01-2019

DieselNet, 30.06.2018
Conference report: 22nd ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles
(Full Version PDF)

Video report (11:17 min)
22nd ETH conference on combustion generated nanoparticles in Zurich June 2018

Archive of ETH conference on combustion generated nanoparticles
Agenda, bibliography, lectures and posters since 1997

Video report (4:31 min)
VERT Forum and VERT Focus Event March 2018

VDI-Nachrichten, 12.04.2018 (Only German language version available)
Dieseltechnik: Kritik an deutscher Förderung 

Beobachter, 12.04.2018 (Only German language version available)
Luftverschmutzung: "Für die Hersteller ist die Diesel-Hetze ein Segen", 09.04.2018 (Only German language version available)
9. VERT Forum an der EMPA: Kampf um saubere Abgase geht weiter

DieselNet, 14.02.2018
City of Haifa establishes Low Emission Zone

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 31.01.2018: (Only German language version available)
Feinstaub: Benziner sind die neuen Diesel


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