Santiago de Chile 

Diesel Particle Filter Program for Buses of Public Urban Transport


The Santiago de Chile DPF Follow-Up Project [SFU] is conceived as a continuation of earlier efforts with a successful DPF introduction (2004-2009). It addresses the enforcement scheme and environmental benefits of the ongoing DPF program and defines steps on future policies. 
Since 1996, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has been cooperating with Chilean authorities in matters of clean air. In that context, a delegation of Chilean environmental and transport authorities composed of high-ranking professionals and key technicians visited Switzerland in late 2003 and were able to witness the performance and good operation of DPFs in buses on-site. The idea was born to incorporate DPFs in the Transantiago scheme and to support this initiative with Swiss know-how. The Transantiago scheme was a unique opportunity to promote the application of Diesel Particle Filters (DPF) in Santiago de Chile.

Facts of the Santiago de Chile DPF program


Program components

The concept for the Santiago de Chile DPF Program was elaborated in close cooperation between

  • the environmental entity for the metropolitan area (Ministry of Environment),
  • the Centre for Vehicle Control and Certification (3CV; which belongs to the Vice-Ministry of Transport),
  • the Public Transport System of Santiago de Chile (Transantiago),
  • and a Swiss Advisory Team (on behalf of SDC).


The Santiago de Chile DPF program consisted of three main components:

  • DPF retrofit pilot program
  • Local certification of DPF
  • Implementation of DPF


In addition to these three main components, two other features were decisive for the success of the whole program:

  • Capacity building and know-how transfer
  • Public-private partnership with international manufacturers of DPF


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