VERT Board


Claas Löffler, Vice President


  • Board member of the VERT Association since 2012.
  • Over 19 years’ experience in controllers / monitoring systems DPF and SCR technology.
  • From 2005-2015 worked for CPK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG (Monitoring devices and remote controllers), Partnership with most of Filter manufacturers.
  • Joined MRS Electronic GmbH & Co.KG in 2016 (until today)
  • Experience in several VERT Projects (United States, South America, China etc.)
  • Diploma as an industrial engineer technical university (now Hochschule Emden-Leer) in 2001


Thomas Kaltwasser, Vice President


Thomas Kaltwasser studied Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt and finished 1987 with a Diploma degree. His business life started at Battelle Institute in Frankfurt where he investigated methods to regenerate Diesel Particulate Filters. He continued as a test bed engineer at Adam Opel AG. Later, he worked as a sales and application engineer at Sigro Automobiltechnik and Impco Technologies. Beginning of the year 2000 he changed to self-employment in my own company CTK Abgastechnik & Engineering and worked as the Sales Agent for Engelhard (now BASF). Since then, he consulted the companies Dinex A/S, Pirelli Eco Technolgies, Puritech GmbH, Krone GmbH and finally Proventia Oy. Today, CTK is producing VERT approved DPF’s for short term applications (Mobile Filters). Board member of the VERT Association since 2012.

Francois Jaussi, Finance

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François Jaussi finished the University of Applied Science, Geneva in 1979 as “Ingénieur diplomé ETS en génie mécanique”.
He started his career as R&D engineer for Comprex-Supercharger at BBC in Baden before he joint LIEBHERR in 1986 and took in the Diesel Engines Factory in Bulle the responsibility for the R&D department.
From 2006 to the end of 2008, he is working as independent consultant for IC-Engines & Engines Emissions (tecmot).
F. Jaussi joined LIEBHERR in 2009 and was leading the product management for Diesel engines and hydraulics.
Since the beginning of 2014 François Jaussi took over the responsibility as “Sales Director combustion Engines ”.

Bernhard Kahlert, Board Member


  • From 1988 till 1993 University studies in Precision Mechanical Engineering and Product Engineering.
  • From 1994 to 2001 worked in a company specialized in emission reduction, initially in the field of application technology and later as head of the diesel particulate filter department.
  • In 2001 foundation of the company PURITECH in Germany – active in the development, manufacture, and worldwide distribution of diesel particulate filters (DPF), NOx reduction systems and fully automatic DPF cleaning and diagnose systems.
  • Later founding of other companies such as EMT automotive AG in 2005 in Switzerland - followed by PURITECH UK, PURITECH Nordic and PURITECH US.
  • Work as managing director of PURITECH till 2019. In 2019, sale of PURITECH to YINLUN - global player in coolers for combustion engines and emission control product. In 2020 founding of EMT purtech GmbH. Currently Managing Director of EMT automotive AG in Switzerland.


Antonio Multari, MULTARI Ventures intl

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Antonio Multari of MULTARI Ventures intl unwavering passion lies in enhancing on up-to-date automotive workshop equipment, road safety, air quality and environmental protection through his deep understanding of vehicles, project management, emissions testing, and air quality monitoring. With a background spanning project management, vehicle testing, automotive workshop equipment, industrial emission testing, and air quality monitoring, Antonio recognizes the pressing need to address non-roadworthy vehicles and high-polluting diesel and petrol vehicles as key components of efficient and cost-effective periodical technical inspection (PTI) and road air quality enhancement.

Robert Fraser, CEO of Purexhaust SA, Chile


  • 40 Years working in Emissions Control and Climate Change in Several Countries.
  • Pioneer in the Development of Diesel Particulate Filter Technology
  • Co-Founder of the Mining Diesel Emissions Council (MDEC)
  • Previously Member and Chairman of the Joint Public Advisory Committee of the Canada-Chile Environment Commission.




Ralph Wilce, Business Development Director


Ralph Wilce has a passion for understanding cleaner air and ways of achieving it. With a background in vehicle, non-road, industrial emission testing and air quality monitoring, Ralph understands the urgency of identifying and eliminating high polluting diesel and petrol vehicles as a key to fast and low-cost road air quality improvement.
As an active member of the international NPTI working group, ASA (DE)/ GEA (UK) & EGEA in Brussels, and as the Chair of the Air Monitoring Working Group at the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality, Ralph is contributing to the process of increasing awareness and providing justifications for stricter PTI emission testing.
Born British in The Netherlands, Ralph was educated in the UK. After graduating from London Metropolitan University with a first-class honour's degree in Contemporary European Studies and fluency in Dutch, German and English, Ralph has built a successful career in international business development based in the UK and overseas and is founder and director of Wijs-Air based in the Netherlands.