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Benefits of being a VERT® Member

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  • Technological exchange between manufacturers of components, systems, engines, vehicles and measurement devices


  • Member companies benefit from VERT® technical projects and can use the results of it for their product development


  • Member companies are kept up-to-date in regard to international laws and regulations


  • As the coordinator of air pollution reduction projects in international cities and regions, VERT® offers members attractive opportunities in the area of retrofitting


  • As members of VERT®, engine and vehicle manufacturers have the advantage of positioning themselves in international emerging markets at an early stage and of participating in programs through suitable forms of cooperation with exhaust aftertreatment system manufacturers or by providing technologies


  • As a promoter of BAT and consultant of emission legislation within the EU as well as in emerging markets, VERT® establishes contacts between market participants, decision makers and legislators at an early stage


  • Members are by default considered as suppliers of BAT and can use the registered trademark of VERT for their marketing


  • Members are listed on the VERT® website


  • Members can cooperate with each other and initiate a project together so that basic costs of development are shared between the companies involved; when applicable it is also possible to take advantage of external funding


  • Opportunity of having exhibitions at workshops and conferences exclusively or at reduced costs


  • Members can present their technologies on the well-established annual VERT® Forum


  • Collective marketing strategies in new exhaust aftertreatment markets lead to reduced costs for the individual companies