Pilot test for a retrofit schema at Egged in Tel Aviv


General Background
The Division of Air Quality and Climate Change Ministry of Environmental Protection in Israel is focusing on the reduction of particle emission from HD fleets.
In the current step personal decrees according to the Clean Air Law are send to fleets in Israel with more then 100 HD vehicles per fleet. This effects apr. 30 fleets, and effects city busses, intercity busses and trucks.

Market in Israel

Vehicle Typ Total number of heavy duty vehicle fleets Total number of heavy duty vehicles in all fleets Number of big fleets with over 100 heavy duty vehicles Total number of heavy duty vehicles in big fleets Percentage relative to all heavy duty vehicles
Trucks 5,478 37,350 15 4,331 12%
Busses 602 13,009 15 7,718 59%
Total 6,080 50,359 30 11,766 23%

Source: Division of Air Quality and Climate Change Ministry of Environmental Protection in Israel


The Regulation 
Reduce the average PM emission of the fleet to Euro IV and Euro V (0.03 gr/km) until 1.1.2018

Phase In regulation and introduction:

  • 70% of the fleet – within one year (September 2015)
  • 85% of the fleet – within two years (September 2016)


Options for fulfillment:

  • Rejuvenate of the vehicle fleet
  • Retrofit the existing vehicles with verified aftertreatment devices by VERT, CARB and EPA


PM Emission factors (gr/km) for Heavy Vehicles Fleets

Limitation of high polluters

  • Scrape Euro 0 and Euro I vehicles
  • Gradually scrape or retrofit your Euro II (1.2016) and Euro III vehicles (1.2021)


Further Outlook of the regulation:

  • Expand personal decrees to smaller fleets
  • Introduce Low Emission Zones in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and other municipalities
  • Eliminate local “polluted hotspots” – Jerusalem central bus station, Hashalom train station, etc.


EGGED Retrofit program

EGGED is the biggest bus fleet in Israel and has signed a contract with VERT to perform a pilot test for retrofitting city and intercity busses.

The company EGGED in numbers:

  • 38,000 journeys per day
  • One million passengers per day
  • 810,000 km per day
  • 945 service routes
  • 29 operational branches
  • 20 central bus stations
  • About 3000 buses in operation
  • 6735 employees


Expected retrofits within Egged:

EGGED is planning to install DPF systems in about 400 buses during the years 2017-2020


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