VERT Technical Instructions Series 

TA-001 / 18 (PDF file)

DPF Troubleshooting - Diagnosis and Remedy

TA-002 / 18 (PDF file)

What is Best Available Technology with respect to traffic related emissions of ultrafine solid particles?

TA-003 / 19 (PDF file)

VERT testing of particle filter systems

TA-004 / 19 (PDF file)

VERT deNOx Certification

TA-005 / 18 (PDF file)

VERT approval criteria for particle filters

TA-006 / 18 (PDF file)

DPF onboard controll & monitoring

TA-009 / 18 (PDF file)

Self-comittment of enterprises, Manufacturing and retrofitting VERT® certified emission control products like DPF, GPF, SCR

TA-010 / 19 (PDF file)

FBC dosing - Fuel Borne Catalysts (Additives) for DPF Regeneration

TA-011 / 18 (PDF file)

Local approval  of DPF systems for option fit and retrofit of Diesel HDV

TA-013 / 18 (PDF file)

VERT certificates for emission reduction technology

TA-022 / 19 (PDF file)

Conditions and Procedures to Become VERT Accredited for EAS Certification Testing

TA-023 / 20 (PDF file)

VERT Conformity Extension

TA-024 / 21 (PDF file)

PTI by Particle Count PN at Low Idle




VERT Informations


VI-001 / 18 (PDF file)

Particle filters for all internal combustion engines

VI-002 / 18 (PDF file)

Meilensteine der Partikelfiltereinführung

VI-003 / 18 (PDF file)

Particle filter systems: Variability of solutions